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I like this, and it would be something  to take on as an consulting

Oyler Wu Collaborative I

Oyler Wu Collaborative in Los Angeles

So difficult architecture and remarkable




I find it quite funny to read that one blogger try to learn that brass is the big 2013, with this piqture

Brass_gold ceiling

Brass wallpaper on the ceiling, is not brass interior design.

Wallpaper and painting is not brass, it is something a little better than beige. To name METAL accent in painting, is nothing more than beige.

It is not  ok to tell people that you have a home in brass style 2013, if you have this 3 accent at home:

  • Smaller  brass legs on a furniture
  • Candle holders
  • Picture frames or mirrors

It is not always to believe in storytelling, everyone thinks they can become a trend forecaster.

To become a real trendmaker 2013, you must use the real material BRASS!

hofv2 are the one. Call hofv2 0046 709 506988 or mail

hofv2 ligger först internationellt, men hur kan det komma sig att vi inte är mer kända i Sverige?

Att känna sig som en rockmusiker, men få spela i källaren är tufft. hofv2 finns på internationella sidor med den vassaste fasaden i Sverige, men i Sverige ska det bara vara ”billigt” 2013

Idag vänder sig hofv2 endast direkt till beställare som önskar vackra fasader och ett starkt engagemang, hög kunskap och konstruktionskunskap att bygga något vackert!


Staden Lund, Read more…

Vi ses istället på inredningssidan, där vi är på väg, att bli ett av Sveriges mest kända företag inom svår form av METALL inredning. Vi arbetar med arkitekter, som UE till snickerier eller direkt till beställare.

Varmt välkomna till alla som önskar coola svåra inredningar, ”hårt, svårt och blankt”!

Twentinox, Golf Romeo small in a Bar



Otroligt vacker unik form på metallfasad, något sådant ser man knappast i Sverige.

Holzer Kobler Arkitekter I

INSIDE Volketswil i Schweiz

Holzer Kobler Arkitekter II

Färdigställd 2014 och ritad av Holzer Kobler Architekturen

Jag är inte riktigt säkert men det kan vara en bondfasad, läcker som ett veckat tårtpapper.

hofv2 is a swedish company working all over Europe if we get an order. hofv2 make special bartops in zink, tin, copper and brass.

We specialize in extremely difficult forms in metal, including ornaments.

Epochs like
”Bistro Brasserie” and ”Art Deco epoch” with ornaments and sinks in brass, zinc, tin and copper. We also have metal curtains and expanded metal etc. We plumbs our hand-crafted bartops so that water can not penetrate. We work with zinc in a thickness of the bartop to get beautiful surface.

We produce  in our workshop just outside Lund in south Sweden and work in Sweden and would like to find a market in Norway, Denmark and the rest of Europe. Typically, we work with a carpentry or direct to the purchaser / owner or architect of the restaurant decor. We are the only one in Sweden that can manufacture brass top with integral sinks for beer spills, champagne bucket, etc.

hofv2 builds unique and great metal fittings;
– Bartops with ornaments mostly in zinc and brass with integral sinks
– Wall panels in difficult forms, for example perforated art-punsch and expanded metal mesh 3D
– Ceilings in tin, copper or brass
– Furniture / table in metal and wood
– Metal curtains in brass, bronze, stainless steel, aluminium
– Specialy Glass holder in wire
– We give old bartops new surfaces

Welcome to hofv2!  We have many excellent references, see more on our website and this blog. Our projects are mainly in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö in Sweden.



Picture from TillbergDesign Architects in Sweden

The story about hofv2 is, that we work with signet for our products, the most demanding standard of quality, like raw highly polished or dull metals, with exclusive variety. The bartop on the pictures is a specific pattern, ”rose pattern”, then the bar is called Rosen Bar and Dining designed by TillbergDesign, a ”rose” in different shapes all over the ornaments.

DSC00792 - Kopia

Eurovision week, in Malmö – great cocktails on a zincbartop


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