hofv2 has for a long time tried to sell metalcurtins, but the material is a little bit high level for the swedish market. 2015 is the best year going on with metalcurtains, there are many strong architects and customers with knowledgement for metalcurtains. hofv2 prefer a small sketch to start with in all request.

You can meet alphamesh together with hofv2 at Architect@work in Denmark 3-4 of June 2015 every day 13.00 -20.00 0´clock

Forum Copenhagen
Julius Thomsens Plads 1
1925 Frederiksberg C

hofv2 only sell the material, but know we hope for business  partner  to mount ower metalcurtains on different rails-systems.

As you can see on our website an our partners website, almost every curtin is straight on one line.  This year we have not been requested for such easy mounting; we mostly have request for :

– railsystem with parkingarea in side-way systems, connected to the ceilings

– the railsystem is going in radie

– the curtains is goings straight or in curves

– how to corners connect?

– lockable curtian system (this can not easily be modified, hofv2 has to be requested in a very early moment of the sketches/drawings by architects)

– connected to the ceiling (hofv2 have to know what kind of ceiling in a very early moment of the sketches/drawings by architects)

– some in motorizing

interieur-golf-romeo-copper II    Steffel 3

The image abow show GOLF ROMEO small and ringmesh in easy mounting.

If you only request for straight curtain with no open/cloose curtain, you can buy just the material from hofv2:

– material, the wave, rings

– rails, rod

– hooks, uphanging


For more difficult forms, please send a request to hofv2

For alphamesh, we sell for Sweden, Denmark and Norway and for twentinox we sell for Sweden.

You can find the material in different shapes and material like; stainless steel, copper alloy, bronce, aluminium, brass. Please request for the material you like.


Think about tht this rings and waves could be a perfect room dividers inside, aswerll as a perfect sunpanels near big windows.

eMail for request: info@hofv2.se